Where it all began...

Our first RAD Edition build started as gamble. It was 2010 and we were at a crossroads as a company. We were primarily an accident repair centre and things were slowing down work wise. Big nationwide repair centres were crippling the little shops like ours, so we had to do something.
That "something" was to look to our skills and do what we do best, which was repairing and modifying vehicles.
We scoured the online vehicle savage centres and found a low mileage, 3 year old 2.0 sdi  Caddy van.
As it was front end damage we decided the obvious thing to do was to facelift the front to the V2 Touran. Coilover suspension and wheels were next, along with a few subtle touches.
Never being ones to sit on our laurels, our beloved Caddy had to move with the times. A mk3 Caddy front end was swapped in to freshen the look and the UKs first hybrid bumper was made to complete the aggressive sporty look. The top half of the mk3 caddy bumper was plastic welded to the bottom half of a mk6 Golf GTI bumper. These hybrid bumpers are something we have become famous for and we have done several other specification bumpers since, including the Caddys current look, which is half Touran and half mk7 Golf GTI Clubsport.
If it wasn't for a slight slump in accident repair work in 2010, we would never have taken a trip down this road, but its a road that has turned in to something we never expected.