Chris Jones aka Hulk, is well known in the modified caddy scene. Chris came to us after seeing our blue caddy and wanted to create the best, most groundbreaking caddy to date. Nothing would be left alone. This had to be the be outstanding. 

Starting from the front we've got a custom made hybrid bumper comprising of a Touran top part and MK6 Golf GTI lower half. The entire front end was facelifted to the 2011 spec as it was previously a pre facelift model. Touran, rather than Caddy wings were used as these do not have the repeater lamp holes. Edition 30 mouldings were added to give a smoother, sleeker look.

Then came the big modification.....We replaced the nearside sliding door panel with a lefthand drive, drivers side panel. This completely smooths out the side of the van. Grafted into this new panel was a round filler cap instead of the square factory item.

The inside was not left alone either. Plush Automotive beautifully trimmed out the cab and rear end in leather and suede. They also fitted the airride, a task that in its day was revolutionary.

Overall, Hulks Caddy forged the way forward for just about every other Caddy that has been created since.

Hats off Chris!